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Get Hitched in Colonial Beach, VA

  "Courthouse Style" Civil Marriage Ceremonies without the Courthouse environment

Boat, Second Home Blessings & Maryland weddings on the Potomac in Colonial Beach, VA

Bryce Hall

Marriage Officiant in Maryland

As a non-denominational and non-religious ULC Officiant since 2009, Bryce Hall is authorized to officiate marriage ceremonies in Charles County, MD. For Maryland Marriage licenses in Charles County, MD, contact the Charles County Courthouse in LaPlata.

Marriage Officiant in Virginia

Bryce Hall is a court-appointed Marriage Commissioner and has been officiating marriages in Virginia since 2009. Obtain your Marriage License from ANY Virginia Courthouse.

Blessings at the Beach

You may or may not have a religion or a church but want to celebrate your important event. Bryce Hall can officiate a special ceremony/blessing for your occasion.

Boat Blessings at your local boat marina or private pier in Colonial Beach, VA

(Boat Blessings include denaming, renaming and/or christenings)

Baby Blessings

Family Blessings

House Blessings

New beach house? New retirement home? Military family relocated in your newest home?

Newly moved to Colonial Beach area home?

Pier, Dock or Pier Gate Blessings

Fun fact:

The Town of Colonial Beach boasts a unique line between Virginia & Maryland on the Potomac River side.

It means that if you are on the shore, you are in Virginia. Getting hitched at the beginning of a private pier along the Potomac or on the beach is also considered Virginia and requires a Virginia Marriage License.

If you venture over the Potomac River (right of peninsula) on a pier or get married on the Riverboat Restaurant, you are in Charles County, MD and need a Maryland Marriage License.

It can be very confusing during your first visit to the Riverboat Restaurant. When you first walk inside, you see a "Welcome to Maryland" sign. The Riverboat offers wedding and major event functions, a quality restaurant and also offers Off Track Betting, Keno and has a liquor store. When you leave, you will be greeted with a "Welcome to Virginia" sign. 

Monroe Bay (left of peninsula) is located in Virginia. Get hitched on any pier or a boat with a Virginia Marriage License.

Bryce Hall is authorized to officiate marriages in both Virginia and Maryland according to state laws. Need help to determine whether you are in Virginia or Maryland? Contact Bryce at 804-220-1310.

Make sure your marriage is legal with the proper state's marriage license.

Maryland Marriages on the Potomac River

Beautiful bride

Happy Newlyweds

Family of brides

Planning your wedding ceremony/reception at the Riverboat Restaurant on the Potomac? You will need a Charles County, MD Marriage License. Or get married on the beach by the palm trees located in Virginia.

Maryland/Virginia Marriages on Ferry Landing Pier

Ferry Landing Pier gazebo in Virginia

Sunrise ceremony over Maryland waters.

Breathtaking photos over the Potomac.

Planning to get hitched at the Ferry Landing Pier? At the gazebo, you are in Virginia. On the pier over the Potomac you are in Charles County, MD. Make sure your marriage is legal by getting the proper marriage license. Photos: by Mary Wenz & Bobby Hooker, local photographers.

Boat Blessings

Boat Denaming, Renaming &

Christening Ceremonies

Guardian of the Boat

Well-attended Boat Blessing

Congratulations to the newly christened Sirenia!

Local marinas in Colonial Beach, VA: The Boathouse Marina - location of above Boat Blessing; Colonial Beach Yacht Center; Bayside Marina; Monroe Bay Marina; Winkie Doodle Point Marina; Nightingale Motel & Marina

Bryce Hall travels to your Colonial Beach private pier or Colonial Beach area marina.